Since day one, Mayor Annette Blackwell’s priorities have included:

Fiscal Responsibility: Mayor Blackwell has consistently prioritized the city’s financial health, achieving Moody’s bond rating upgrade from Ba2 to Baaa3 and maintaining a healthy General Fund balance.

Economic Development: Under Mayor Blackwell’s leadership, the city has seen significant economic growth with the addition of new businesses and development projects, including the $14 million PIRHL Senior Housing development.

Infrastructure Investment: The Mayor has directed funds towards necessary infrastructure upgrades such as the Dunham Road Improvement and sewer maintenance, demonstrating her commitment to the city’s long-term sustainability.

Housing and Real Estate Growth: Ensuring affordable and quality housing has been a critical focus for Mayor Blackwell. Her tenure has seen a 29% triennial home value appreciation and an increase in home repair grants.

Community Engagement: Promoting citizen involvement and building a strong community spirit is key to Mayor Blackwell’s vision. This commitment is seen in initiatives like the Annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony and Free Annual Summer Concerts.

Youth Engagement: Understanding the importance of nurturing the next generation, Mayor Blackwell supports various youth initiatives such as Jump Starts Sports and the Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U) Summer Employment program.

Employee Welfare: Mayor Blackwell values the city’s employees and has demonstrated this through consistent annual raises, marking the first increase in over 10 years.

Climate Action: Committed to environmental sustainability, the city has joined the Power A Clean Future Ohio (PCFO) initiative under Mayor Blackwell’s stewardship.

Accessible Public Services: The Mayor has emphasized the importance of making public services accessible and inclusive for all residents, illustrated by the planned ADA upgrades to the City Hall.

Future Planning: Forward-thinking and strategic in her planning, Mayor Blackwell is spearheading exciting future projects like the $1 billion mixed-use development at the former Petitti’s Garden Site and the citywide signal upgrade project.

Through these priorities, Mayor Blackwell is dedicated to ensuring Maple Heights continues to be a vibrant, prosperous community for all of its residents.